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Up to $80 Off Annual Breeze Bike Share Memberships
Are you a Santa Monica employer or business owner? Give annual Breeze Memberships to your employees at rates up to $80 off.

Breeze Bike Share now offers the Employee Benefit Program, allowing local business owners and employers the opportunity to provide annual bike share memberships for employees at greatly discounted rates. Enjoy discounts of up to $80 off, and pick a program that suits your unique needs. Meet your TDM requirements, qualify for fee reduction credits, and benefit from an improved environment in Santa Monica. 

Partial Staff Package: $79/membership ($20 off). Offer an annual membership to each of your interested employees. Perfect for companies that would like to offer the benefit to all employees, but have less than 25% of employees interested in the program. Once more than 25% of employees are interested, it is more cost effective to upgrade to the All Staff Package. 

All Staff Package: $19/membership ($80 off). Provide an annual membership for each of your employees at this incredibly discounted rate. Businesses must have at least four employees in order to be eligible for the All Staff Package. 

Interested? Contact:

Kyle Kozar, Bike Share Coordinator at the City of Santa Monica


Contact Information
phone: (310) 828-2525
Offer Valid: October 1, 2016October 1, 2026
Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce

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