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Kure is a therapy clinic that utilizes ketamine to address root causes of mental health and chronic pain conditions. Kure’s evidence-based, medically supervised treatments combine modern Western medicine and Eastern wisdom in ‘psychedelic’ therapy that can expand a patient’s awareness. Whether you turn to Kure for mental health concerns or pain management, our treatment plan begins with a free virtual consultation by a member of our medical team. Typically, a full series of treatments consists of six to eight sessions. In days leading up to your first ketamine treatment, we may recommend breathing techniques for you to do on your own and other practices for mind and body balance. Kure provides comfortable reclining lounge chairs for treatment, individual iPads, noise canceling headphones, eye-masks, and soothing music to make your time in our space as therapeutic as possible. Kure even provides a "couples" therapy room with a double reclining chair for those who may want to pursue treatment with a partner, friend, parent, or therapist. We also have a relaxation room with plush rocking chairs and a water feature to bring you back to neutral - before and/or after your treatment. It is the aim of our team to make you feel as though your time in our space is equally as healing as the ketamine therapy itself. Kure's medical director, Dr. Steve Yun, is a board certified anesthesiologist and a safety inspector for the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities.


Kure Medical Group - Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Mental Health and Chronic Pain - Consultation - Relaxation Room
Kure Ketamine Infusion - Zero Gravity Chairs - Slow Release Infusion Pump - Air Purifying Plants - Crystals
Kure Ketamine Infusion - Bluetooth Sony Noise Canceling Headphones - 2023 iPads with Binaural Beats
Kure Ketamine Infusion - Relaxation Room - Before and After Treatment - Journal your Experience - Plush Sofa and Rocking Chairs
Kure Ketamine Infusion - Dual Treatment Room - Receive Ketamine Alongside a Loved One or Therapist
Kure Ketamine Infusion - Relaxation Room - Before and After Treatment - Yoga - Breathe - Meditate - Avocado Pillows
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