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I am a Quickbooks ProAdvisor, specializing in helping you set-up, clean-up and/or catch-up on your books.

For over a dozen years, I have been working with high net-worth individuals and small businesses as a traditional bookkeeper. I have extensive experience in the day-to-day maintenance and management of clients’ books, and my specialty is making sense and order of messes, mismanagement, errors, and complications, giving my clients a sense of ease as a result.

I have a special gift for making people feel comfortable and relaxed with the process, taking away any shame, guilt or stress about having things out of order, while implementing a plan to re-establish order.

If you need to dig yourself out from under a pile of financial paperwork or back-logged receipts…

…or your books are in disarray after being mismanaged by someone else

…or you want to set up a process for financial organization that makes keeping up with your accounting much easier

…or you’ve already got a stellar system established and you simply want someone efficient and meticulous to take over the day-to-day.

I am an expert in helping people unclog their paperwork pipes and free their financial flow – while also helping to restore their confidence around this part of their lives.

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